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Help with entering 'The Raytrix'.

The RS.com chat room is available for Ray Stevenson fans to use anytime, 24/7. To enter, click the Raytrix banner.

Rules for participating in the chat room can be found here.


1. Why can't I log into the chat? I'm already logged on to the forum.
Chat room registration is separate from the forum registration. You must register a chat room account in order to log-in to it. However, please use the same screen name that you use on the forum as your chat room ID.

2. How can I tell if anyone is in the chat room?
The total number of users currently in the chat room will be listed on the chat-room log-in page ("Users Online").

3. How can I tell WHO is in the chat room?
At the chat log-in page, click on "Users Online" and it will list by name which members are currently chatting.

4. There's an error/system message on the log-in page followed by a string of numbers and I can't sign in.
The chat room may have been edited or upgraded since the last time you visited. If using Firefox: empty your browser cache and delete cookies and authenticated sessions; if using Internet Explorer: empty your cache, cookies and saved IDs. This should clear out any previous versions still cached in your browser.

- If you do not know how to empty your browser cache, read here.
- If you do not know how to delete web cookies, read here.

5. I just left the chat and decided to go back in. How come I can't log back in? It says I'm still logged on.
If you exited by simply closing the window instead of properly logging out, your account will still be listed as active until it times out due to inactivity (usually no more than 60 seconds).

TIP: Always exit the chat room by clicking on the "Disconnect" button next to the type box, that will properly log you out of the chat.


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