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Author Topic: Posting Guidelines  (Read 30305 times)
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« on: April 28, 2006, 06:30:13 PM »

Welcome to the online home of all things Ray Stevenson! This website with forum was created as an online resource for Ray's growing number of fans. In order to maintain peace and a sense of community here, the following guidelines apply to all participants:

1. RESPECT – Please remember that each one of us is a person who deserves respect and consideration. Disrespect for one another will not be permitted. This includes referring to different races, sexes, nations, personal choices and other websites in slang or derogatory manners or insulting actors/actresses or others. We also WILL NOT allow any statements considered libel or slander towards any individual or site by any member, including administrators and moderators. Respect others and they will respect you, although inevitably, they may not agree with you all the time.

2. NO backseat moderating. Please leave the moderating to the administrators and designated moderators. Please report any disruptions and difficulties to us, then do not have any further involvement with the troublesome post or person.

3. NO political or religious discussions.

4. NO speculations or assumptions about Ray’s personal life, the people he is pictured with, or personal information regarding his family. (PLEASE no posts about your own sex life or the sex life of Ray, hypothetical, fantasy or reality. This is a PG-13 board). Commenting on a public statement made by Ray about his life is not considered speculating, BUT some subjects CAN cross rather quickly into speculation and the administrators do reserve the right to review threads and moderate them if they feel they cross the guidelines set about Ray's personal life. This includes speculation, assumptions or disparaging comments about people, women and men, he is pictured with as well. They deserve the same respect from our members as you would give Ray.

5. This is a PG-13 board. We do have registered users who are younger than 18 and we do not close off the main sections of the forum to guests. We also wish to maintain a certain level of respect for Ray and his family (although this does not include the prohibition of general criticism about a performance or even a comment in the press as we do not wish to stifle valid opinions). We do not have an adult-only (over 18) forum. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to delete any messages, or avatars that violates this rule without advance notice.

6. NO advertising of wares or goods on this website.

7. The administrators reserve the right to review and revise these rules as necessary in order to maintain the quality of the community.

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