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Author Topic: End of the world? No, just the 'Eli' set  (Read 2160 times)
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« on: May 26, 2009, 07:52:47 PM »

First look: End of the world? No, just the 'Eli' set
Posted 5/26/2009 9:00 PM ET
By Scott Bowles, USA TODAY
ALBUQUERQUE Sometimes, a place can be too apocalyptic.

Like this place. Temperatures can drop below freezing as snowstorms pummel the desert terrain and winds whip sand into fierce dust storms.

"You occasionally ask yourself why you're shooting a movie in these conditions," says Allen Hughes, who co-directs the thriller The Book of Eli, due Jan. 15, with his twin brother, Albert. "When the wind is really blowing, it looks like the earth is meeting the sky. It looks like the end of the world."

Which is fitting: Eli is about that very subject. Denzel Washington stars as a loner trekking across a post-apocalyptic America with a mysterious book that could be the key to man's salvation. Washington, who shed 55 pounds for the role, recalls storms so rough that crews had to don goggles just to see what they were filming. "There's a reason there's nothing growing out here," he says. "It's land no one wants."

Unless you're shooting the end of the world, says Albert Hughes.

"We had one scene where Denzel had to kill off one of his enemies," he says. "Right after he kills the guy, a little dust storm picks up and blows right over them. It was eerie. We're going to have people thinking an effect was computer-generated, when really it was just from shooting out here."

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1.  USA Today's Scott bowleds takes a look at the battered world of Eli. In this frame, says Allen, Eli cmes upon a fork in the road. "Eli's iPod has run out of juice and to the right is the road that leads to Carnegie's (Oldman) town. Eli makes the decision to go in to town, power up his iPod and refill his canteen."

3.  Says Allen" "This is the scene where Eli has come into the Orpheum Theatre, which has been converted into a post-apocalyptic bar. He's come into fill his canteen with water, but ends up being confronted by some locals, who block his path as he tries to exit. This is the moment where the noble man (Eli) decides he has to kill some folks."

5.  Gary Oldman plays Carnegie, a town leader interested in acquiring Eli's book. Says Allen: "He is the President/Mayor/Spiritual Leader, etc., etc. and he runs the town. His office is the main power hub."

Oldman says it was an adjustment working for sibling directors, "They fight like brothers do. They'll bicker over a scene. It's quite fun to watch. And it's over very quickly, they never disagree for long. Then it's like working for one director, because one of them deals with the actors, the other the technical details. But you can see how they probably fought as little kids."

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