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Author Topic: Favourite episode  (Read 2483 times)
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« on: January 12, 2010, 08:22:21 AM »

Which episode of Rome is your favourites?Both series!

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« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2010, 11:25:40 PM »

Which episode of Rome is your favourites?Both series!

I have said it before, Marianne, but here it is again: Episode 8 is my favorite of Series one. I find it the funniest, by far, and some of my favorite scenes featuring Titus Pullo are in that episode...including 2 wonderful performances by him in Cleopatra's tent.....#1 fighting the would-be assassin, and #2 otherwise serving the princess he was assigned to protect.  ::)  :o :dance:

As for Series 2.....I would need to think about that. I did not watch the episodes from Series 2 as much as I did those from Series 1. I found Series 2 so much less enjoyable...partly because I found it more brutal and sad.

Sheesh. I got knocked out of the site and Internet Explorer while I was posting this, before. And for some reason, I suddenly can't listen to my satellite radio except with headphones! eeek! :shocking: :pray: grrr!! :rant: :cry: Computers! Can't live with them...can't live without them. :crash:

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« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2010, 11:49:03 PM »

I agree with you, Cam, about season 2.  I've watched it 3-4 times, whereas I've watched season 1 a gazillion times.  But the season 2 ep I remember best, because it was an "up" moment, is the one where Vorenus and Pullo rescue the children from the slave camp. 

Best of all was Pullo scooping up Little Lucius to the strains of the most robust of the Rome theme music, which we hadn't heard is a while.  All I could do was stand up and cheer, "Woo hoo!  They're BACK!!!"

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