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Author Topic: Kill the Irishman  (Read 30477 times)
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Barmy Bawdy Besotted Brittunculi Bint

« Reply #90 on: October 02, 2011, 02:56:04 PM »

I feel slightly sick watching this clip go round and round and round   :silly:

Hmmm. My guess is there's an oval thingammybob on the side roof of the car wot ain't there when the hat goes flying?!

Have I won a prize? Let me guess. Is it only being persona non grata for another year instead of a decade? THAT would certainly be better continuity than the clip!  :razz: :grinny:

Ooops! My pork chops with roasted onion are calling from the oven... byeeee  :wave:

Now do be kind. 

Now do be do be doo. Sorry. I should be thinking penitence for an unkind comment (I admit it) but all I can think of is Frank Sinatra ;D

Everybody has been inadvertently persona non grata for about a year.

Ahem   :shutup:

(I left a very brief explanation in SCE.)


You are correct!  I owe you and wing and maybe a few others a prize.  Now I've just got to sort out what the bloody hell that is.  (Wing, don't give me any ideas.)  >:D

Looks like Wing was absolutely spot on. Well done Wing!

Hmm. 1st Prize for Wing? Wot about Titus sings Frank?

My 2nd (booby) Prize? Titus sings Frank twice   :lol:

Aut Viam
Aut Faciam

And all because the lady loves... Ray

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« Reply #91 on: November 09, 2012, 03:55:21 PM »

Kill The Irishman was a class film of a true story,but im always worried by gangster films that it somehow glamorises the lifestyle of vilians.
Ray was fantastic in it though,totally believable and with that splash of true humanity he brings to all his parts.worse hair in any film though!
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« Reply #92 on: January 06, 2014, 10:39:49 PM »

Not just beer, but Danny Greene Enforcer Imperial Stout!

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